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By night
Disco, concerts, nightlife events. No worries: we take care of your return.
Would you like to spend a night at the disco, attend a concert, that after all offers the pleasure of a long evening with friends, showbiz personalities, culture or professionals in the corporate world?

Do not worry about the return. You just need to call and book our service. We provide our limousines and mini van.
+ Prices are affordable.

Our night service car rental with driver is also useful for parents who are understandably anxious for the return of the son or daughter, after a night out clubbing with friends.

We provide luxury car, with our staff for a return home safely. The driver will wait at the agreed time out of the club (and a tolerance, which we leave to your good sense) to ensure a comfortable and safe return home. We are available in all areas of Milan, and even on the weekends, we guarantee the continuity of service.

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