Bmw 5 Series


The BMW 5 Series with its elegant and dynamic design offers versatile comfort and revolutionary technology, which symbolizes the status of a modern business sedan. It is suitable to satisfy all the needs of business men and women, who travel a lot for work and often find themselves doing paper works while travelling.



Also on this type of sedan Ferretti Limousine offers free wi-fi, fresh water and assorted candies, on request. You can read your favorite newspapers as well. Keeping up with the times and thanks to the expert guidance of our drivers, ready to transport all guests to new horizons, in maximum comfort, with maximum safety we do our best.

The features of the BMW 5 Series combined with the expertise of Ferretti Limousine make this sedan the ideal car for leaders. Its excessive attention to detail, such as the chromed design elements, the exclusive coverings inside the car, the internal colorful LEDs create a stylish atmosphere which will allow you to travel relaxed, in every occasion.

Series 5 comfortably accommodates three people with two travel cases and two 24 hours.

Welcome kit a bordo

  • Bottiglia d'acqua

  • Daily newspaper

  • Free WI-FI

  • Ombrello

  • Seggiolino per bambini