Mercedes S-Class


The absolute elegance of the Mercedes S-Class combined with attention to resources and a new concept of engines, makes it the most sensational car of its category, capable of captivating body and mind.

The new Mercedes S-Class blends sophisticated lines and unique details, such as LED lighting, which represents identity and character, in perfect harmony with the style and status of Ferretti Limousine.

We aim to  “touch the soul” of the passenger, giving a sensorial experience such as chromotherapy to give emotional and physical benefits during the trip.



Thanks to the “first-class” set-up, the rear compartment will be equipped with two individual seats, which will massage you and wrap you in a soft, safe and warm embrace, allowing you to work in maximum comfort and reach your destination more relaxed and focused.

And with all the services that Ferretti Limousine offers you can enjoy a sensorial journey, where you can sip excellent champagne kept cool in the fridge box, enjoy the best chocolates in the city, or watch your favorite series on the rear screens.

The charisma and style of the Mercedes S merged with the professionalism and experience of Ferretti Limousine, raise the concept of luxury car rental with driver.


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